Picture a Day Week 3

MHS Teens tell Fashion Favorites Junior Hannah Bennett shows her favorite dress Disgusting Snacks at MHS  "These Cheese Puffs taste like cardboard," Junior Hannah Bennett said. Top Ten Snapchat Filters Junior Hannah Bennett and Senior Cassi Johnson use their favorite cat filter. MHS Students voice opinions on Politics A poster found in Mrs. Stanford reads... Continue Reading →

Living in the Blue Hour

Here's some quick shots of the lively Whitney Wasden. We went out for 15 minutes to a hidden park and took some pictures AFTER sunset.  It was difficult to get this beautiful girl to hold still! I had to use higher ISO's and longer shutter speeds to get the lighting to work properly. This last... Continue Reading →

Seeing Things in the Raw

When you climb a mountain and look out, what do you see? For Matthew Huber, he sees all the little details of the world. Unfiltered. Untouched. With these images comes with an idea of what he sees. None of these photos have been filtered or photo shopped. Pure Raw photos.

Overcast Lighting

Now, most non-photography people would think that the perfect conditions for takng photos is a nice, sunny, cloudless day. In actuality, the best conditions are the conditions in which clouds are abundant, and dull colored. Yes, I am talking about overcast skies. Think of it is this way. When taking a picture, you want your... Continue Reading →

A Little Miracle Child

There are some hardships in life I cannot imagine having to go through in life, and I know someone in my life who had to deal with one of those trials. My Young Women's leader, Karen Blanchard, and her husband wanted nothing more than to start their own family. But due to complications, they were... Continue Reading →

Dark Side of a Flower Child

In an earlier post,ed I test a flower crown prop I made on my friend Garrett. Now here the photos of my official model. Her natural beauty and smooth skin made the black veil contrast her skin nicely. I was going for the more gothic feel for these photos. The lace I used to create... Continue Reading →

Hannah Brewer: Black & White

I personally feel like Black and White portraits bring a whole new tone to the image. These shots are all candid as my model, Hannah Brewer, posed around and spun around with her fur coat spinning in all it's glory.  

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