Emily and Konner: Senior Prom

It’s the time of year where Senioritis is at its strongest, stress levels are at their highest, and emotions are everywhere. Most girls dream of their senior prom as the biggest night of your life. And when you have a cute date, it’s just icing on the cake. 

My beautiful sister Emily’s Senior Prom was truly a magical night, and I feel blessed that I was able to take pictures of her and her gentlemanly date. I’ve known Konner for a couple years and he is quite the looker. The two made a nearly perfect couple at the dance. 

Although I only took a small amount of photos of them, you can see just how happy and cute these two were. 

Konner was a perfect date for her, and he treated her with such respect. I mean, look how gently he puts on her corsage.

Without further ado, here are the pickup Senior Prom Photos featuring Konner Jackson and Emily Bennett. 


A quick Preview of Virginia City, Montana

Just to get you hyped for my upcoming post on my recent Photo Trip, here are two photos I shot!

This first one shows the rugged beauty of Montana. Get ready to look for some spooky shots of the nearly abandoned mining town!

And this is one of my personal favorites. “Adventure on my Mind” is the title I gave this piece. Zachary Winn and his adventure personality helped make this photo concept work wonders! 

Living in the Blue Hour

Here’s some quick shots of the lively Whitney Wasden. We went out for 15 minutes to a hidden park and took some pictures AFTER sunset. 

It was difficult to get this beautiful girl to hold still! I had to use higher ISO’s and longer shutter speeds to get the lighting to work properly.

This last picture is my personal favorite. It embodies a sort of “creepiness” at night. Ghostly, too.

Natalie Ranae & Gabriel Enrique April 2017

Someone in there element. What does that mean to you? To me, it is where someone feels most comfortable. Where they feel at home.

To a young and new couple, they feel most comfortable with each other. And as cheesy as it sounds, I’ve found it is very true with these two. I could barely get them to stop goofing around with each other for a single serious photo.

Their element was each other. I hope you can see the love they have for each other in their eyes.


Overcast Lighting

Now, most non-photography people would think that the perfect conditions for takng photos is a nice, sunny, cloudless day. In actuality, the best conditions are the conditions in which clouds are abundant, and dull colored.

Yes, I am talking about overcast skies. Think of it is this way.

Bennett, Hannah 115.jpg

When taking a picture, you want your face to not have awkward shadows. Clouds disperse the light coming in from the sun, making shadows become less harsh, and faces shapes are more flattering. But, using this scattered like is not the only light I suggest.

Bringing a reflector is a MUST for me. Use this light up your subject more easily.

Bennett, Hannah 111.jpgBennett, Hannah 114.jpg

My settings for all these photos were 1/100 of a second, 100 ISO and 5.6 ISO.

Bennett, Hannah 113.jpgBennett, Hannah 112.jpg

A Little Miracle Child

There are some hardships in life I cannot imagine having to go through in life, and I know someone in my life who had to deal with one of those trials. My Young Women’s leader, Karen Blanchard, and her husband wanted nothing more than to start their own family. But due to complications, they were never able to have their own child.

Despite this tragic realization, they continued to stay hopeful, knowing they one day would start their own little family. This hope helped them through many doctors appointments. After a couple years, they found out that a family had chosen them as her baby’s adoptive parents, realizing those hopes.

In January 2017, Navy Leigh Blanchard was born, and today (March 14, 2017), she was sealed in the Rexburg, Idaho LDS temple to her new eternal family.

I feel honored to have been taking these pictures with her mother. I could feel the love that my leader had for her daughter. These pictures embody the emotions of the hard trials and the blessing that came to her. And I’ll admit, I got teary taking these photos.

Bennett, Hannah 127
I stood on top of a rocking chair when i took this. I used a window on her left side, and a small gold reflector on the right side to bring out her skin tones.

Bennett, Hannah 133

Bennett, Hannah 128
I just think this is too darling.
Bennett, Hannah 123
One of my personal favorites from this photo shoot. I love how I kept the ring in focus and her face out of focus.

Bennett, Hannah 132

Bennett, Hannah 130
I was lucky enough to capture this candid moment between them.

Bennett, Hannah 129

Bennett, Hannah 124
Just look at those cheeks!

Bennett, Hannah 131

Bennett, Hannah 125
I love how small her head looks in her mother’s hand.